VOL. 59, No. 41, September 1, 2005

Alberto called us to order today for our first meeting in the month of September 2005. We hope all of our sick members are doing better. Will's sister, Melissa Pentecost has cancer and is recovering from major chest surgery. Please pray for Will and his family. Remember and support the cause down in the gulf coast from the remnants of Hurricane Katrina. It will be a long time before things are back to normal down there.

Sidney Sandridge led the blessing and pledge of allegiance to the flag. After our meal our guests were introduced. We had four in attendance today. Our moment of history consisted the birthdays of Edgar Rice Burroughs in 1875 and Rocky Marciano in 1923. Also in 1923, a major earthquake destroys the city of Yokohama, Japan, killing over 100K. In 1972, Bobby Fischer became the first American to win the world chess championship.

Our club had two major events this past week. Our NOW Banquet was held at Mayfair Church of Christ. Thank you to all of those who participated. Duane Plank always does an outstanding job of organizing these and his enthusiasm is appreciated. We also had our first major fund raising activity Saturday in the pancake breakfast held at Central Presbytarian Church. Will, Tammy Westmoreland and Brad Sanford worked overtime to achieve something Jeff Smith would have been proud of. All proceeds will benefit the Hawthorne Conservatory. Our next board meeting will be held Tuesday, September 6th at First Commercial Bank at 4:00 PM. On September 8th, our meeting will be held at 6:30PM at the Hawthorne Conservatory to deliver the plaque and the check. We announced the wrong time on Thursday. Several of our members will speak addressing Jeff's significant contributions to our club and the Conservatory. We will not meet for lunch this week. Remember the summer picnic September 24th at Ray Swaim's farm.

Our speaker today was Rob Glasier, who is a long time Huntsville resident who gave us a good insight on the future of our nation's oil industry. Rob's history of shipbuilding and familiarity of the New Orleans area made this talk most interesting. All of us please keep praying for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Thanks Rob for your compelling thoughts!

David Schulz won the attendance prize. We recited the creed and were adjourned.

Kurt L.


September 6 Tuesday 4:00 pm First Commercial Bank Board Meeting
September 8 Thursday 6:30 pm Hawthorne Conservatory (Freeman House) 205 Lincoln Street