VOL. 59, No. 39, Jul 28, 2005

President Alberto Duarte welcomed everyone to the meeting at 11:45 at the Holiday Inn Select this Thursday. Before the invocation, Alberto gave us report on Duane Williamson. Duane is not feeling well. Keep him in your prayers. We then stood for the invocation and pledge of allegiance again led so well by Hershel Bingham. If Hershel sold Coca-Cola's as well as he prays a many were sold in Madison County.

After the feast provided by the Holiday Inn, our guests were introduced. Nate Showers had his financial planner, Deborah Severn. Rebecca Billings had her children, Rachel and Jonathan. Dewayne Myers was finally claimed by James Overbeek. Lindsey was also with James. Duane Plank had his wife Elaine with us again today. It was also good to see Paul Fowler back with us today. Alberto gave a brief commercial on "Grease" to be held in the Von Braun Playhouse this weekend and next. Our own Fabiani will play heartthrob Sonny.

Our moment of history consisted of the birthdays of Jackie Kennedy Onassis and John Ashbury. In 1951, Walt Disney released "Alice in Wonderland." An earthquake with a magnitude of up to 8.2 on the Richter scale flattened the city of Tangshan, China in 1976.

Clyde Nevins presented a check to the Harvest Boys and Girls Club. Sylvia Allen represented the club and announced that the money would be used for an intercom system so everyone will be able to be get in touch with everyone in case of an emergency or gathering situation.

We then had the induction ceremony of several new members. Membership chairman, Duane Plank welcomed Tim Brumlow, Fred Binner, Tammy Westmoreland, Sheriff Blake Donning and Bill Eskew. Thanks to all who encouraged this great group to join us and a special thank you to Duane for his enthusiasm willingness he gives to this club.

Duane finished up July with a bang with our guest today, fellow member Ray Swaim. Ray is the Madison County Schools Superintendent. Ray said the school system was growing at the rate of up to 600 students per year. Ray stated that four things are needed in a school system to be successful. 1. Have a safe environment. 2. Good competent teachers. 3. Good materials. 4. Support from the community. Thanks for coming Ray. A seat is always welcome for you. Duane, great job with the July programs.

Gay Pepper won the attendance prize. We had a good crowd today so Gay may some money to lend. We recited the creed and were adjourned.


August 4 Thursday 11:45 am Holiday Inn Select Rebecca Shepard-Intern for Bud Cramer
August 11 Thursday 11:45 am Holiday Inn Select Martha Pullen, Sew Beautiful Magazine
August 18 Thursday 11:45 am Optimist Recreation Center Business Meeting
August 25 Thursday 6:30 pm Mayfair Church of Christ NOW Banquet Key Speaker: Missy Ming
August 27 Saturday 7:00 am to 12:00 pm First Presbyterian Church Pancake Breakfast