VOL. 59, No. 30, May 26, 2005

Our day was started by the invocation led by Dr. Sidney Sandridge and the pledge led by our own El Presidente Alberto Duarte. After a nice lunch of Holiday Inn's cooking, Alberto went around the room and had everyone who had guests introduce them. We had many today. The report by Duane Plank on Duane Williamson was encouraging. We hope you are back with us soon Duane! Also Hershel has not felt well the last couple of weeks. Please remember these two great members in your prayers.

Zach Thompson had a musical instrument at to give to our band committee. He also was selling tickets for a CD/DVD player to be given away in the near future. If you have an extra $1, please give to Zach for this fund-raiser for the Jeff Smith Foundation.

The program today was by Connie Gibson, our essay committee chairwoman. The Optimist of Huntsville Essay Contest was advertised to all private, public and home schools in the Madison County area. We had 10 applications that were judged on a no name basis, which means the judges have no idea whom the. applicant is participating. This years subject was "The Power of One." Our 2 ad place winner was Annie Stevens from Hazel Green High School. She gave a wonderful presentation of her experiences of wanting to achieve her lifelong dream of studying in Europe. In her case, she studied in England. Our 1St place winner was Fabiani Duarte whose compilation of words and depth of this topic left one thanking the heavens above we had good people who did things on their own for the common man. Congratulations to both of these great future leaders!

Emily Kraft" sponsor of the ROC, gave a synopsis of the years events at Randolph. The ROC had a NASA picnic, haunted house and donut sale to raise funds for the community. Dr. Eddie Krenson, outgoing head master at Randolph, was on hand to present awards to several of the leaders of the ROC. Duane Plank even gave a good story of how well behaved and mature these students were during a visit there in the past.

We then drew for the attendance prize won by James Bennett. We read the creed and then were adjourned.



June 2 Thursday 11:45 am Holiday Inn Select Leadership Huntsville
June 7 Tuesday 4:00 pm First Commercial Bank Board Meeting
June 9 Thursday 11:45 am Holiday Inn Select Huntsville City Engineer - Tom Cunningham
June 16 Thursday 11:45 am Optimist Recreation Center Business Meeting
June 23 Thursday 11:45 am Holiday Inn Select TBD
June 30 Thursday 11:45 am Holiday Inn Select Sam Sandlin - Flint River