VOL. 59, No. 25, April 21, 2005

Alberto called the meeting to order on a cloudy, but a blessed Thursday. Dr. Sidney Sandridge led the blessing and afterwards we recited the Pledge of Allegiance. After a meal of delicious chicken fingers from Tenders provided by Gay Pepper, Alberto announced the District meeting will be held in Tuscaloosa this weekend. He will not be able to attend but Will and company will make their presence known. They will report back at next week's meeting.

Don't forget the "Respect for Law" banquet on May 2nd. This will be held at Mayfair Church of Christ at 6:30 P.M. Special guest speaker is ex-FBI agent, Howard Hawk. We will be honoring Officer David Moody of the Huntsville Police Department. The Arab Club will be catering barbeque pork, chicken, potato salad, baked beans and black forest cake. Please remember to be sure to sign up and support our law enforcement.

Now for our "Moment in History." Anthony Quinn was born in 1915. Queen Elizabeth was born in 1926. In 1789, John Adams was sworn in as the first Vice President. In 1865, the funeral procession for Abraham Lincoln left Washington, D.C. On this date, 753BC Romulus and Ramulus (Whatever his name is???) founded Rome; in 1836 Sam Houston attacked Mexicans in Texas, and in 1989, 100,000 people protested at the Square in China.

Now on to our Committee overviews: Connie Gibson is trying to figure out how to award our essay contest winners. We may have them do a program in June to present their essays and give awards at that time. Clyde Nevins handed out our grant allocations for the year. We had a motion, a second, we voted and the vote was challenged and then withdrawn. Further discussion ensued and we revoted and approved the Community Service grant allocations. James Overbeek urged everyone to try and attend a band concert at one of the schools across the County. Will Dawes, and the Fund Raising Committee, wants to plan an annual pancake fundraiser for Jeff Smith. Membership Committee Chairman, Duane Plank, reported we have six new members. Our Nominating Committee went over our newly proposed officers, Will Dawes - President, Tom Casteel, First Vice President and James Overbeek - Second Vice President. They were all elected unanimously. Our nominations of Rebecca Billings, Karen Peterlin, Byrom Goodwin and Clyde Nevins were voted on for Board of Directors. Rebecca, Byrom and Clyde were elected. Duane Plank, Duane Williamson and Gay Pepper will remain on the Board. Publicity Chairman, George Ferrell, reported our brochure had been completed. We voted to have copies made. Treasurer, Jeff Klimek briefly went over our finances. All is well.

We then ran out of time, recited the Creed and Will adjourned us.

Kurt L.


April 28 Thursday 11:45 am Hilton Camille Solley, Director Big Brothers & Big Sisters of Alabama
May 2 Monday 6:30 pm am Mayfair Church of Christ Respect for Law Banquet