VOL. 59, No. 12, Jan. 13, 2005

President Alberto Duarte gaveled our meeting to order today at the Hilton at 11:45 am. Hershel Bingham gave the invocation and led the club in pledging allegiance to our flag. Alberto reported that Duane Plank was in the hospital awaiting vein-blockage surgery. Please remember Duane and Elaine at this time. There were no visitors at the meeting today.

During today's "Moment of History" Alberto recalled the birthdays of King Richard II, Joan of Arc, Nicholas Cage, Kenny Loggins, and Carolyn Bessette. Marconi and de Forest were remembered for their early radio work. George Washington approved the addition of 2 stars and 2 stripes to our flag on this date for the admission of VT & KY to the Union.

Following the delicious Hilton fare we had some brief announcements. Tom Casteel said our web site was operational. Try it. (huntsville.alms-optimists.org) Jim Roe and Sidney Sandridge participated as judges in last Sunday's Government Affairs debate at Sparkman. Apparently schools have Government Affairs teams just as they have Math teams that compete against each other. They both had positive things to say about the activity. Anyone interested in being judges this Sunday or next Sunday contact Clyde.

Clyde's Community Service Committee will soon be sending out packages to organizations we supported with grants last year. If you have a tax-exempt organization you want included contact Clyde. With Duane Plank in the hospital Alberto is looking for someone to organize the NOW Banquet that was planned for later this month.

PLEASE MAKE AN EXTRA EFFORT TO ATTEND THIS WEEK'S BUSINESS MEETING OF OUR CLUB. Several committees are nearing the dates when key activities will occur. Also, we need to discuss the proposal from Optimist International to adopt their standard bylaws.

I'm sure Will Dawes' program on the 27th will be another good one, and Ed Clark already has a lineup of interesting February speakers.

Alberto introduced today's luncheon speaker Curtis Hunt who is with the Boy Scouts of America. He emphasized his personal involvement in the recruiting of single-parent kids - mostly from project housing. We supported his work with a grant last year and probably will do so again. Curtis said that Madison County produces more Eagle Scouts than any other county in the state.

It was announced that Duane Williamson has an eye problem that currently prevents him from attending meetings, but I don't have any details. Come back soon Duane. We miss you. Starting in February Kurt Leopard has volunteered to write the bulletin. We all look forward to his newsletters. Clyde Nevins won the attendance prize today.


Jan 20 Thursday 11:45 am Optimist Recreation Center Business Meeting (Please Come)
Jan 27 Thursday 11:45 am Hilton TBA by Will Dawes
Feb. 3 Thursday 11:45 am Hilton TBA by Ed Clark
Carl W.