Speaker and Business Meeting Meal Responsibilities

Mission Statement

By providing hope and positive vision, Optimist bring out the best in youth, our communities and ourselves.


Speaker chairs obtain speakers for the appropriate meetings during their month of responsibility. The chair should let the Newsletter editor know the name of the speaker and their subject by the second meeting of the month before the speaker will speak. Also, the chair should ask the speaker if a projector and screen is needed. Normally the speaker will bring their own laptop if needed.

Business Meeting Meal Responsibility

Thr responsible member should contact the Secretary-Treasurer to determine the number of meals to purchase and the budget amount for the meeting.

September 2018 -    Gay Pepper

October 2018 -         Alberto Duarte

November 2018 -      Vastell Williams

December 2018 -      Bob Hirschbuehler

January 2019 -          Keaires Roberson

February 2019 -         Richie Myers

March 2019-              Gay Pepper

April 2019 -                Iesha Watts

May 2019 -                 Al Renz

June 2019 -                Joseph A. Lee

July 2019 -                  Mark Reavis

August 2019 -             Matt Clarke

September 2019 -       Vikki Moore