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Kids Speak Out Speech Contest

Topic: "Looking For Ways to Share My Optimism
    With Others"

The Optimist Club of Huntsville holds an Oratorical Contest each year for middle School and high school youth. The “Kids Speak Out” contest is a “Pre-Oratorical” program for kids through the age of eleven that provides a more equitable competition for our younger speakers. The real test of this program is not who wins, but rather providing the opportunity for boys and girls to gain experience in speaking to an audience.

Write a speech using the topic: “Looking For Ways to Share My Optimism With Others” following the contest rules.

Email a copy of your speech and a completed copy of your registration form to or mail to Optimist Club of Huntsville, P.O. Box 2230, Huntsville, AL 35804. The registration form may be found at link below. Deadline for submission of the speech and your registration form is 11:59 pm CST on March 18th, 2023.

There will be three age categories for the contest.
   5 years old and younger.
   6-8 years old.
   9-11 years old.

The prizes for each age group will be Walmart gift cards in the amount of:
  1st place - $75, 2nd place $50, and 3rd place $25.
  All contestants will receive a certificate of participation

   The contest is open to any student 11 years old and younger iin the City of Huntsville,
   City of Madison, and Madison County.

   Optimist Recreation Center, 703 Oakwood Ave NE, Huntsville, AL 35811

   March 25, 2023.

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