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Junior Optimist International (JOI)

Making our communities better - one service project at a time.

JOI members are people like you with a common goal to make their communities a better place through volunteering. JOI stands for Junior Optimist International, and it is a service-learning organization that connects all of the Optimist JOI Clubs throughout the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean.

JOI is an all-inclusive youth organization sponsored by Optimist International. Our organization embodies the Optimist Creed, which motivates us to embrace positive values like optimism and respect for ourselves and others while engaging in community service.

Volunteering has become the thing to do for kids everywhere. Tons of kids all around the world are already trying it out. They’ve discovered that they’re having fun AND helping other kids at the same time – what could be better than that? Well, what if it could also help students get into college? Volunteering can do that too! JOI looks great on college applications and JOI has the nod of approval by NASSP, it ranks right up there with other established student organizations.

NASSP - the National Association of Secondary School Principals has added JOI to its National Advisory List of Contests and Activities, putting JOI in the same ranks as National Honor Society and Student Councils. This designation makes JOI a significant school activity and allows students to be excused from school to participate in JOI activities when necessary.

Don't miss out on...
A chance to make new friends
Leadership opportunities at the club, district, and international levels
A way to fulfill high school graduation requirements for community service
A great item for college applications
That satisfying feeling you get when you help make a change in someone's life!
What is required to join
Energy and lots of it!
The desire to make a difference in the world
*If you have at least one or all of the above, you should DEFINITELY join today!
... and what is NOT required to join
A certain GPA
Any previous experience volunteering