Band Intrument Loan Program

Music - Sunshine for the Soul

The value of the arts in education is something that the Optimist Club of Huntsville takes very seriously. The club feels that every child deserves the chance to play a musical instrument. Studies have shown that it makes kids smarter, improves the quality of their education, and helps to teach them the skills necessary for success later in life.

In times when instrumental music programs are shrinking and being threatened due to budget constraints, our Band Instrument Program is thriving. Students are enjoying the positive educational benefits of playing in the band. The program was established in 1997 with 12 instruments serving two middle schools. Today we have 235 instruments and serve 22 middle schools in Huntsville, the City of Madison, and Madison County.

When borrowing an instrument, each child signs a contract promising to care for the instrument, practice regularly, and be in their school’s band. The middle school band director identifies the need and the Optimist Club loans the instrument. The Optimist Club of Huntsville assumes maintenance and repair of all instruments. Individuals interested in this program should contact their Band Director.

The need for instruments has increased each year. Therefore the Optimist Club of Huntsville has established the LINK (Lonely Instruments Needing Kids) program. We are looking for band instruments that can be used by middle school students who would like to join the band, but whose families just don't have the means to rent or buy one.